I’m excited to say that since 2010, I have been photographing weddings and portraits. I have met so many amazing people, and have been blessed to have shared in some of the most significant memories in life. Believing that those significant memories should belong to you, we include a CD of all the pictures for you to keep I also keep a copyright for display and advertising purposes.We can also print your portraits with a quality better than what your local 1-hour mini-lab can give you; although, perhaps a little more expensive, a price difference that is truly worth it. But we’ll leave it up to you. We would very much like to give emphasis to your exclusive personality when we shoot, so please don’t hesitate to meet with us. You can call ahead of time to talk about what you’re looking for and what is exceptional about you. If you can, you may bring samples of poses that you think you’d enjoy with you to the photo shoot, and we would be glad to play with the ideas; however, we opt not to shoot boudoir pictures, sorry!We are excited to meet you, and take part in making the memories of your life.

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